Mayku FormBox Ein Desktop-Vakuum-Former

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Mit der Mayku FormBox haben Sie die Kraft des Machens in der Hand.

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Mit der Mayku FormBox haben Sie die Kraft des Machens in der Hand. Angetrieben von jedem Staubsauger, arbeitet es mit einer Welt von Materialien und hilft Ihnen dabei, Ihre Ideen Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen. Egal, ob Sie von Hand arbeiten oder mit Ihrem 3D-Drucker zusammenarbeiten, die FormBox ist Ihre eigene Desktop-Produktionslinie.

3D drucken, formen oder finden Sie Ihre Form und legen Sie sie auf das FormBox-Bett.


3D print, sculpt or find your shape and place it on the FormBox bed.


Die FormBox bildet eine Materialbahn um Ihre Form - und erstellt in Sekundenschnelle eine Form.


The FormBox forms a sheet of material around your shape - creating a mold in seconds.


Füllen Sie Ihre Form mit Dutzenden von Materialien aus Schokolade, Harz, Gips und sogar Beton.


Fill your mold with dozens of materials from chocolate to resin, plaster and even concrete.


Nehmen Sie es heraus und erwecken Sie Ihre erste Kollektion zum Leben! Sie können sogar die FormBox verwenden, um benutzerdefinierte Verpackungen für Ihre Erstellung zu erstellen.


Take it out and bring your first collection of products to life! You can even use the FormBox to create custom packaging for your creation.

FormBox Specs


Height - 315mm

Length (With Handles) - 466mm

Width - 274mm

Forming bed - 200mm x 200mm

Draw Depth - 130mm

Weight - 13kgs


We will ship the appropriate model based on your territory along with a plug adapter for your country. 110V and 240V are available.

Temp range of the built-in heater is 160C - 340C.


The metal can get quite hot, so to keep you safe, we?ve lined the front and back top edges next to the heater with two silicone strips.

We've also added supportive guide rails on each side of the ceramic heater for safety in transit.

Design Detail


A tray click and handle design, with cast aluminum hinges, in one single mechanism. Using the FormBox is as easy as possible.


A super fine mesh to increase airflow to the 3D shape, placed on the bed with a soft silicone edge.


A universal adaptor that enables the Mayku FormBox to work with any vacuum cleaner.


ABEC 5 bearings for smooth operation.

Silicone seals to create a perfect seal.

Pressed steel for extra strength.

Compatible Materials


The Mayku FormBox works best with thermoplastic sheets of 0.25 - 1.5mm in thickness. Here are the technical terms:

PETg (Commonly found in: Food safe molds)

HIPS (Commonly found in: Disposable cups)

ABS (The stuff lego is made from)

Polystyrene (Commonly found in: Product packaging)

Polyproperlene (Great for use as a mould for resin casting)

Polycarbonate (Commonly found in: Drinks bottles)

Polyethylene (Commonly found in: Sheet and foamed sheet)

Acrylic PMMA (Commonly found in: Light up signs)


Concrete, Silicone, Chocolate, Jello, Resin, Ice, Foam, Jesmonite, Plaster.


The Makyu FormBox comes with the following:

  • Makyu FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former
  • 20 Transparent PET Cast Sheets
  • 20 Opaque White Polystyrene Form Sheets
  • 3 Starter Projects
  • 1kg of casting material
  • Universal vacuum adapter

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