BondTech High Temperature BMG Extruder Upgrade For Intamsys Funmat HT

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High Temperature BMG Extruder Upgrade For Intamsys Funmat HT

The BMG-HT for Funmat HT is a professional upgrade kit based in Bondtech?s BMG extruder designed to be applied on the Intamsys Funmat HT. This high temperature solution uses a milled Aluminum shell and a high temperature pancake stepper motor that can work inside build chambers heated up to 150?.

Professional Upgrade Kit

The BMG-HT for Funmat HT is lightweight, strong and high temperature resistant solution. This is Bondtech?s first model in the Professional grade product line aimed to improve reliability and performance of professional and industrial grade 3D printers.

Lower The Weight To Increase The Performance

By using a lightweight pancake stepper motor and an Aluminum housing Bondtech was able to lower the overall weight of the print-head while keeping the system high temperature resistant. By replacing the original components with Bondtech?s a saving of 140g was achieved, meaning a 35% saving in weight. This lower weight will bring dramatic improvements to your Funmat HT:

Less load on the linear motion systems;

Improved surface quality;

Possibility to 3D print faster.

Direct Dual Drive Extrusion

The BMG-HT is based on Bondtech Mini Geared (BMG) extruder and uses their state-of-the-art Dual Drive Technology. Whatever 3D printing filament you?ll feed to the printer, you?ll get more consistent extrusion and achieve effective performance and results. The Dual Drive Technology is a work horse that will keep on pushing filament to help your Intamsys Funmat HT to create better 3D creations, layer by layer, up to a level you would not think to be possible.

Additional Information

Technical Datasheet

Article number : EXT-KIT-67

EAN code : 7350011410644

Net weight : 257g

Gross weight : 320g

Package Size : 137x94x65mm

Gearing ratio : 3:1

E-steps value : 415

S.M. max Input Current : 0.8A

S.M. max working temperature : 150?

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