3D Drucker Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0+ - 400x400x500mm - New upgraded version

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New updated and improved version of Raptor 2 - The new 2+ edition

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New updated and improved version of Raptor 2 - The new 2+ edition

Major upgrades like:

  • TMC2209 drivers for all axis.
  • Bigger Y motor, length 60mm.
  • 8015 dual ball bearing fan for cooling drivers.
  • Magnetic flexible PEI sheet with powder coated.
  • Enclosed box for SSR.
  • Grounding wire for SSR and heated bed.
  • Foldable and hard-wearing cables for KEENOVO heating pad.

A great printer just got even better.

Vivendo Formbot Raptor 2.0 – FFF 3D printer with large build size, high precision and the ability to process high temperature materials

Buy the Vivendo Formbot Raptor 2.0 and you'll get an FFF 3D printer with large footprint, high precision and the ability to process high temperature materials. This production machine works with BL Touch Sensor, DirectDrive-Extruder and can extrude plastic filaments up to 350 °C. Upgrade your Raptor 2.0 with an optional laser engraving module and make finished laser cuts.

Product features of the Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0:

  • Super large installation space: 400 x 400 x 500 mm
  • Layer thickness: Up to 0.05 mm
  • Filament sensor stops 3D printing when no filament is available
  • Process flexible material with the DirectDrive extruder
  • High extrusion temperature – up to 330 °C
  • Building platform heatable up to 150 °C for top pressure bed adhesion
  • BL Touch for easy Auto-Bed-Levelling
  • Optional laser engraving kit

Further product features of the Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0:

  • High temperature PTFE tube – 3D printing high temperature filament
  • High-quality PEI printing bed pad for perfect printing bed adhesion
  • Reliable power supply thanks to brand name power supply unit
  • High-quality TMC2208 drivers guarantee high-performance 3D printing
  • Precise industrial linear guides
  • Ball screw for precise operation

Top processed FFF 3D printer with large installation space

The Vivedino Raptor 2.0 is a top processed FFF 3D printer with a large installation space. 3D print very large objects with a volume of up to 400 x 400 x 500 mm. You have the choice and the freedom to make slightly larger things in one piece.

BL Touch for easy automatic calibration

Thanks to the built-in BL Touch sensor, you can calibrate the build platform of your Vivedino Raptor 2.0 very easily and conveniently. A laborious and cumbersome calibration of the building platform is no longer necessary. Quickly start your 3D printing and get great results.

Filament sensor: Detects your filament status

The built-in filament sensor detects the filament status of your Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0. When the filament of your 3D printer is used up, the machine stops the manufacturing process. Add new media and simply resume your 3D printing.

High-temperature 3D printing with high-temperature PTFE tubing and extruder up to 350°C

With this device you can create 3D prints with very high temperatures. Process filaments that require a high extrusion temperature.

Sturdy construction, ball screw, linear guide & brand name power supply unit

The stable construction, a ball screw, precise linear guides and the power supply via a brand name power supply guarantee a high performance of the Vivedino Formbot Raptor 2.0 3D printer.

Brand Vivedino / Formbot
Model Raptor 2.0
Technology FDM
Power Supply 200 Watt
Print Size 400 x 400 x 500 mm
Aluminium Frame 4040 Profile very strong
Extruders 1 Single Extruder
Extruder Temperature Max 330° C
Build Plate Heated max 100 °C
Nozzle Diameter 0.40 mm ( other sizes are available to buy)
Filament Size 1.75mm
Layer thickness 0.05 - 0.3 mm
Print Speed 1 - 180 mm/s
Position Precision Step motor, Z=2.5um, XY=11um
Step Driver TMC2208
Display 3,5" LCD Screen with full graphics
Connection SD Card & USB cable
Leveling method Auto leveling (Original BL Touch)
Language English
Slice Software Cura included (Works with Simplify3D)
Machine Size 700 x 630 x 750 mm (L x W x H)
Machine Weight 21 kg

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