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Creality LD-002H ist die neueste aktualisierte Version von Creality3D. Dank der großen Baufläche und des monochromen HD-LCD-Bildschirms ist dieser Drucker etwa 10% schneller als das Vorgängermodell.

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Highlights of the Creality LD-002H – Mono LCD Resin 3D Printer

  • Air Filtration System with Activated Carbon
  • 3.5 Inch Full-color Touch Screen
  • Upgrade UV Light Source Module
  • Powerful Slicer Software

    LD-002H Resin 3D Printer Properties

    Modeling Technology: LCD

    Print Size: 130x82x160mm

    Print Speed: 1-4s/layer

    LD-002H Resin 3D Printer Hardware

    Screen: 3.5-inch touch screen

    Machine Size: 221x221x403mm

    Package Size: 295x295x540mm

    Machine Weight: 8.3KG

    LD-002H Resin 3D Printer Extruder Hardware

    Layer Height: 0.03-0.05mm

    XY axis Precision: 0.051mm

    Creality LD-002H is the latest updated version from Creality3D. Thanks to the large build area and the HD Monochrome LCD screen, this printer is about 10% faster than the previous model.

    The air filtration helps reduce emissions and smells during printing.

    Refined results:
    High resolution combined with very high precision makes for extremely detailed prints.
    The LD-002H boasts with a resolution of 2560 x 1620 and the precision is up to 51 µm

    LCD HD Screen:
    With much improved transparency on the screen, the LD-002H can manage to handle curing times of 1-4 seconds/per layer. This is more than 10% faster compared to a similar resin printer.

    Upgraded UV light:
    The LD-002H is equipped with a new UV light source module that reaches 8000uw/cm². It goes without telling that a stable light source is key to a successful print.

    Z-Axis Linear rail:
    Stability is one of the most important things. The Z-Axis linear rail ensures a smooth and high precision movement. A stable machine construction gives you refined results in the end.

    Air filtration:
    The LD-002H is equipped with the latest air filtration unit. It works with activated carbon that takes care of any smells, while the regular air filtration makes sure no harmful volatile substances is being released into the room where you are.

    Manual leveling system:
    The LD-002H keeps the distance that is no more than I piece of paper. You just lower the print platform and lock the levelling nut; the printer has now been leveled.

    Powerful software:
    The LD-002H comes with the powerful slicer, CHITU BOX. This software makes it very easy for you to handle your models and prints. Among other things, it supports one-key to add support to a model and scale it to right size.

    3,5” Touchscreen:
    The screen is in full color and has a very easy to use UI design. All information is clearly visible. Thanks to the nice screen, LD-002H is very easy to use.



    • Dual-band UV light source
    • Magnetic 360° rotatable platform
    • Large-size washing container
    • Adjustable three-gear speed
    • 2-90min optional
    • HD touch button

    Adjustable three-gear speed and 2-90min optional

    With a three-gear speed mode, it includes washing and curing; The washing and curing time has 2-90min optional. Delicate models come from the curing and washing.

    Strong wash mode:

    1, Flexible wash method: The model can be washed separately in the washing basket or together with bottom plates.

    2, Large size sealed washing container: the UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine supports larger size models for cleaning; With a sealed container and lid, it avoids cleaning solution volatilization and also stores the cleaning solution for the repeated use.

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